I was in India for six weeks  and this incredible country shook me. It taught me multiple lessons, but one of the things that has stayed with me the most so far has been the sense of impermanence in traditional Indian culture.  About 10 days into the trip I headed to an ashram in Tamil … More Impermanence 

Christmas thoughts

Hello readers,  Miss W has been leading a frantic life recently… The details will be revealed in a few days, but in the meantime, she has some thoughts on the festive season.  I was brought up in an evangelical Christian environment, so Christmas was a big deal, on account of it being Jesus’ bday and … More Christmas thoughts

Interview with Amy Sia – Textile Designer

Amy Sia’s designs are diverse but instantly recognisable for one thing they all have in common; eye-popping colour. With “bold colours and painterly watercolours” her style constantly evolves and changes. She says,“I get bored of doing the same thing.” This desire for frequent change also translates to her location. Originally from Australia, she moved to … More Interview with Amy Sia – Textile Designer

Miss W Writes 

Hello out there If you follow me on Instagram (@iam_miss_w) or Twitter (Iammiss_w) you may know that I have published my first essay with Buzzfeed.  You can read it here.  Now Miss W just needs to sit back and wait for it to go viral… So click away my lovelies! 

In Defence of Smut

As some of you know, I work in the book industry. I am surrounded by the latest books on the market, often proofs before they are published. Back around January/February time, I got my hands on a white proof with a provocative black slit on the cover. The spine said simply Maestra. My boss put … More In Defence of Smut