Last Friday I was very sad to hear about the terrorist attacks in Paris. It turns my stomach to think of the people who died in that attack, who were going about their normal lives, attending a concert, and then suddenly being gunned to death. I hate to think of the pain and grief their … More Paris


This past weekend I was in Copenhagen. In November I would generally rather take trips to a sunny clime like Nice in southern France, where I could swim in a warm hotel pool, but I decided to brave the fabled cold of Scandinavia and head off to Denmark. Miss W’s sister went to Copenhagen last … More Copenhagen 


This is just a (not so) short post about something that happened on my commute today. So, I was on the tube, changing from the Victoria line to the Northern line at Euston station in London, and as I came onto the platform I saw a woman sitting on the bench. She was around 70 … More Cringe


Since I moved to the UK when I was 11, every year around the end of October I bought a paper poppy from an ex-serviceman. I always liked the symbolism of wearing a flower to remember those that died in the Great War and subsequent wars. This year was the same, I bought a poppy … More Poppies