Letter to Santa

When Mama W was 12 years old she found out that the Reis, the Three Kings that traditionally bring presents to kids in Spain on the 6th of January, or Epiphany, weren’t actually real and that presents were given by parents. She was gutted, and at that precise moment, while she was holding her new doll upside down by its hair Mama W decided that if she ever had children she would never lie to them about where presents came from.

So, this is the story of how Miss W grew up being told, albeit quite gently, that Santa was a fairy tale and that presents were given by parents and friends.

When Miss W was little she would creep down the stairs around Christmas time just to double check that Santa wasn’t actually coming. Miss W figured that if all the other children and teachers, and everyone else in the whole wide world believed in Santa, except Mama W, then clearly it was Mama W that was wrong! Miss W had a few stern conversations with Mama W and seriously questioned her judgement that there was no fat man in Lapland that brought all the presents.

I had seen Santa! I had even sat on his knee in town, in the supermarket, at the photographer’s studio… so I resigned myself to the fact that Mama W was clearly wrong on this occasion and I carried on with my self-delusional belief in Santa.

So, to honour my belief, I must write a letter to Santa to ensure the safe and speedy delivery of my presents, which we all know are THE most important part of Christmas.

Here goes.

Dear Santa, 

This is Miss W, I hope this letter finds you well. I expect Mrs Santa is baking lots of yummy mince pies for you and that your elves are all working doubly hard. 

2015 has been a really hard year for me Santa. I was unemployed for a while, then did an unpaid (!!) internship and worked at weekends to support that. And, to top it off I had to have an operation Santa! Since I worked so hard I think that we can wipe the slate clean, and forget all the naughty things I did. Agreed? I will be extra well-behaved in 2016 to make up for it, I promise. 

So, dear Santa, whom I believe in with all my heart… please can you bring me a reasonable selection of the attached list of presents. You may ask my family and friends to contribute if the list is too costly. I understand that costs are rising and budgets are being cut, but we’re all in this together Santa. 

With sincere regret for the naughtiness and with warmest Christmas wishes, 

Miss W

One letter to Santa written. Check!

Now, for the present list.

Cashmere socks

One can never have too many cashmere items, especially when they are cosy socks for cold winter nights on the sofa. I love these from The White Company. I already own a pair of these, but why have one pair when you can have two?

Gold mascara 

Now, Miss W hardly ever wears make-up, but I think that at Christmas one is allowed to go a bit crazy and wear gold mascara, just because.


Gold bangle 

I usually wear silver or white gold jewellery, but when I was interning at a publisher during the summer, the receptionist, Anne, who is a really cool lady with a hippy vibe, wore a really simple gold bangle every day that was just a little bit beaten up, and I absolutely loved it.  That was the piece of jewellery that turned me to gold. This one is handmade and sold on Etsy. il_570xN.838477491_bfxg.jpgCashmere jumpsuit 

Ok, another cashmere item… if Miss W could she would probably line her whole house in cashmere. I just think this jumpsuit would be the cosiest thing. I can imagine myself in a log cabin in Switzerland, sipping a Bailey’s hot chocolate wearing this number and watching snow fall outside. Ah yes!


Miss W loves a good cup of tea. Although I generally prefer to buy tea in the UK, when I spent some time in Paris I discovered Mariage Freres, a French brand of tea. In particular I have a slight obsession with Thé au Tibet which is China black tea with bourbon vanilla, jasmine, mandarin, rose and bergamot. On the website it is described as: Très fin. Well, Miss W would expect nothing less.


The complete adventures of Tintin

I have always adored Tintin. Until very recently I really didn’t catch on that he is a journalist. I always thought of him as some kind of detective. I love that I studied the same thing as Tintin, who always will be my undying hero. I would like the complete set of books to while away long winter afternoons. I would prefer these in French, but I will take them in English if Santa brings them that way…


Hand cream

I love, love, love, Aesop skincare products. When I was writing my dissertation I used to have self-imposed hand cream breaks, where I would cover my hands in this nectar of the gods and then inhale, very deeply, and then continue my furious typing. This Resurrection Aromatique hand balm is inspiration in hand cream form.



I already mentioned that I am slightly obsessed with Endymion, the men’s fragrance by Penhaligon’s. I want this mysterious scent to be mine.



On Christmas day Miss W and her sister traditionally have Roses chocolates for breakfast. We rip open the box and throw the contents all over the sofa and divide up the orange and strawberry ones as they are the favourites! Anyway, Dolfin Belgian chocolate is my ultimate favourite. I love the pink peppercorn flavour that pierces the richness of the dark chocolate. Delicious.


When I was interning there was this tiny jewellers in Pimlico, London, where I would go into in my lunch break just to delight my eyes. I fell in love with a bracelet which is no longer available, but since we know Santa is magic, I might as well request it. It is made of chalcedony and I love it.


So there you go. There is my letter to Santa with all the presents I would like. I will be very happy to find any of these things under the tree this year.

What are all you lovely people asking Santa for? pray share your lists.





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