So, Miss W has been wondering whether or not to write this post for a few days now. When she mentioned the topic to her friend, he just said, well, if you want to write about that, then just write it, you can write whatever you want, even if you want to fill your page … More Hair


This lunchtime Miss W was out on a walk and a fundraiser for a charity stopped her. Miss W usually stops to listen to fundraisers even if she doesn’t give to them, but today she was a bit stressed and wanted to enjoy her walk. So this is how the conversation went: Fundraiser: Hi, would … More Charity


This Christmas Miss W spent her holiday in France. Miss W’s auntie and uncle live in a small village in Normandy, where they run a B&B in a beautiful small château with stunning gardens. Miss W spent Christmas there and then went on to Paris for a night before going to Strasbourg and Colmar in … More France

New Year 2016 

Happy New Year to all you lovely people out there!  I have been thinking hard about what my New Year’s resolutions should be this year. I usually make some vague resolutions in a dizzy haze of champagne at 11:55 on the 31st and then never stick to anything I’ve said. In fact I was trying … More New Year 2016