Apology to Miss W

Lately I haven’t been writing much at all, and Miss W has been feeling a bit abandoned. I’ve been treating her like a lover who stops answering calls when you don’t slot conveniently into his life. I hate that I have become too busy for Miss W, so I would like to apologise to her for that.

You understand that she is a very demanding and sassy lady, with impossibly high standards, so a list of excuses probably just won’t cut it for her, but I will give her one anyway.

  • I went away on holiday for Easter to Romania. I was fully intending on writing about it when I got back, but… Didn’t.

 Miss W‘s answer to that:

Do I go on holiday and abandon my alter ego?? I don’t think so. Miss W is always waiting around for you to channel her, and what do you do? Huh? Go away and don’t even bother writing a post about it. The whole point of going on holiday is for you to take pictures and post them on your blog for everyone to get jealous, so get your sorry act together and write a proper post about Romania!

  •  I have been doing extra ceramics classes and I also signed up for a drawing class.

Miss W:

Meh, meh, meh. Look at me, I’m just soooo creative, I go to ceramics, aaaand drawing classes. I’m making an entire set of plates with a special glaze shipped in from China, aren’t I just great? No. Stop using your fancy art classes to avoid writing blog posts. 

  • It was London Book Fair last week, and the lead-up and the three days were extremely busy.

Miss W: Ooh, London Book Fair? Or would you rather call it LBF to be super “publishing”? You preferred to spend three days collecting crappy tote bags, filling them with catalogues of inane adult colouring books and spend hours listening to mind-numbing talks on non-native translation and the future of the e-book, instead of writing your blog. What an exciting life you do lead. 

  • I was in Brighton last weekend to celebrate my cousin’s birthday and I didn’t have time to write. 

Miss W: 

Ha! Brighton! I would expect nothing less than London-on-Sea from you. Did you enjoy eating spirilised courgette pasta and channeling your inner hipster while buying vintage pillowcases to re-purpose into dreamy crop tops? And meanwhile Miss W wilts away in a corner. You disappoint me. 

Ooook. So Miss W is not happy, best get writing some blog posts then. 



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