So, yes, I am in the middle of writing a blog post about Romania, and I have recently been to Rome too, so due a blog post on that, but I just wanted to tell you lovely people about a moment I just had. 

As some of you will know, I work at a pretty well-known place within publishing, it’s kind of at the heart of publishing, but also kind of not a publisher at all. Anyway, we get invites to pretty much every major book launch in London,so I can pick and choose which ones I go to. Tonight I was due to go to my  weekly drawing class, but my colleague twisted my arm and I ended up going to the launch of a well-known cookbook author’s new book. I had several glasses of champagne, and “networked” with a very cynical and jaded corporate chef, some very loooovely editors, and suchlike. After eating a few mediocre canapés and drinking a bit too much, I decided it was time to call it a night, after all, I do have to work tomorrow… Poor me. 

I headed back to the cloakroom, and handed my ticket to the attendant. I asked her where the nearest tube station was, and as she explained I detected a Spanish accent. I asked her where she was from, and she replied “Barcelona”. 

Aha! One of mine. I asked her how long she had been in London, and what she was doing here, and she launched into this explanation about how she had once worked in TV production and had written and published several books in Spanish and Catalan. She returned the question and I told her where I worked. She said that she was looking for a translator and someone that would help her introduce her work into the UK literary scene. I felt that this was a serendipitous meeting and told her to contact me. 

Although I am only starting out myself, I could see that she was ecstatic to have come across a book person who she could communicate with. At that moment I had such an expansive feeling of “euphoria”. Just a year ago I was the one that was looking for someone, anyone, to give me the time of day. I just wanted the smallest chance in publishing, and now, here I am, right at the heart of it. 

Suddenly I realised, maybe this is why I came here tonight, to meet this woman, who was wishing to speak to someone from the book industry, rather than to speak to these absolutely daaarling publishing people who probably won’t remember my name tomorrow. (Am I mean? You all know Miss W is a biatch anyway, right?) Ha. 

I really hope this author contacts me, and that I can do whatever is in my humble power to help her meet people that will help her publish her book in English, because that’s what it’s all about for me, trying to give back the help that someone once gave me.

So, good night people, and peace and loving toward all of mankind. (OK, I might be slightly inebriated, but totally mean that).  


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