Stockholm and Copenhagen 

Because Miss W is feeling lazy, and because she has to go home and tidy the house before H gets back from his business trip (argh, nearly 10 days of piled up clothes and books strewn all over the place), she is going to just post pictures of her recent trip, and leave you to enjoy them and interpret them as you will.

Miss W thought this t-shirt was hilarious. Her 17 year old self would probably have bought it 😂
The loo doors have hearts on them… how Scandi.
Lovely church in Stockholm
Some Swedish King probably called Gustaf with a seagull on his head.
I went on an Archipelago boat tour and this is the Swedish flag on the boat
Lovely old boat
Just in case you fall in and you don’t know where you are
Cute little boat houses on the archipelago

So, I wasn’t planning on going to Copenhagen, but the airline I was flying with decided that all their Swedish pilots were going to strike on the day I was flying back to London… so Miss W  took matters into her own hands and jumped on a bus to Copenhagen and flew home from there the next day. A bit of a mish. In the end it was cool as I got to go to one of my favourite shops Moss Copenhagen.

If you want to read more about Copenhagen go here

This is at 3AM (I know… midnight sun and all that) at Lake Vattern on the way to CPH


Smørrebrød – pickled herring deliciousness in Copenhagen

Random street art in CPH.


I had a nice weekend in Stockholm, although I’m not sure I would go back to the city. I found people quite cold and got the impression they were quite snooty. Having said this, I would love to go back to other areas of Sweden to explore more of the country because the ride from Stockholm to Copenhagen was incredible (trees, trees, and more trees).


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