So, this is my Nth attempt at a blog… I have started a few blogs in my time, and always failed to keep them up, but I guess this one is born out of the desire to write about all the things that roam through my over active mind on any given day.
I think one of the main things that stopped me from sticking to a blog was that I always decided, right, I’m going to write a blog about food, or about travel, etc, but actually, I could never stick to them because my interests are very wide ranging. I could never think of a name for a blog that would encompass all the things that I am interested in, until, a few weeks ago, my vivacious friend Maddie called me Miss W, and it just clicked – this was the name that encompassed all my interests; books, travel, food, ceramics, politics, feminism, social commentary, random thoughts, beautiful things, memories (maybe even fiction at some point)… A life is made up of a million different aspects, and I wanted a name that would hold all of those together, so what better than my own name to represent me?

Miss W loves:

  • Good food
  • Long, well written books – fiction and non-fiction (list of favourites to come)
  • Sunny days
  • Sea breeze
  • Trips to the seaside
  • Mojitos and G&T
  • Dogs – in particular wiry haired dachshunds and blonde French bulldogs.
  • Presents (feel free to send any presents my way)
  • Ceramics (I attend a weekly ceramics class in London)
  • Travel to distant places
  • Words – eclectic is her favourite
  • Collecting bookmarks and jewellery from travels
  • Her places of origin (Barcelona/Lake District)
  • Long and meaty debates on controversial topics
  • New York City
  • Cheese – Comté and St Felicien particular favourites
  • Charity shop browsing – favourite locations in London include High St Kensington and Golders Green.
  • Elderflower jelly

Follow Miss W on Twitter: @iammiss_w   Instagram: @iam_miss_w




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