Interview with Amy Sia – Textile Designer

Amy Sia’s designs are diverse but instantly recognisable for one thing they all have in common; eye-popping colour. With “bold colours and painterly watercolours” her style constantly evolves and changes. She says,“I get bored of doing the same thing.” This desire for frequent change also translates to her location. Originally from Australia, she moved to … More Interview with Amy Sia – Textile Designer

Brexit’d Out

I’m sure all Miss W’s readers are well-informed citizens and are up to date with what happened on the 24th of June, (oh fateful day) in the UK. If you live in a cave and have not heard what happened, please go here and inform yourself. Although I was quietly optimistic that the UK would be … More Brexit’d Out


So, yes, I am in the middle of writing a blog post about Romania, and I have recently been to Rome too, so due a blog post on that, but I just wanted to tell you lovely people about a moment I just had.  As some of you will know, I work at a pretty … More Moments

Apology to Miss W

Lately I haven’t been writing much at all, and Miss W has been feeling a bit abandoned. I’ve been treating her like a lover who stops answering calls when you don’t slot conveniently into his life. I hate that I have become too busy for Miss W, so I would like to apologise to her … More Apology to Miss W


This lunchtime Miss W was out on a walk and a fundraiser for a charity stopped her. Miss W usually stops to listen to fundraisers even if she doesn’t give to them, but today she was a bit stressed and wanted to enjoy her walk. So this is how the conversation went: Fundraiser: Hi, would … More Charity


This is just a (not so) short post about something that happened on my commute today. So, I was on the tube, changing from the Victoria line to the Northern line at Euston station in London, and as I came onto the platform I saw a woman sitting on the bench. She was around 70 … More Cringe

Regents Canal

Yesterday I was down by Regents Canal just sitting by the water when I noticed a man fishing nearby. I had no idea you could fish in London canals, so I was quite intrigued. I went over to him and asked him about it. We started talking, and he told me all about what kind … More Regents Canal