Brexit’d Out

I’m sure all Miss W’s readers are well-informed citizens and are up to date with what happened on the 24th of June, (oh fateful day) in the UK. If you live in a cave and have not heard what happened, please go here and inform yourself. Although I was quietly optimistic that the UK would be … More Brexit’d Out


So, Miss W has been wondering whether or not to write this post for a few days now. When she mentioned the topic to her friend, he just said, well, if you want to write about that, then just write it, you can write whatever you want, even if you want to fill your page … More Hair


This lunchtime Miss W was out on a walk and a fundraiser for a charity stopped her. Miss W usually stops to listen to fundraisers even if she doesn’t give to them, but today she was a bit stressed and wanted to enjoy her walk. So this is how the conversation went: Fundraiser: Hi, would … More Charity


Last Friday I was very sad to hear about the terrorist attacks in Paris. It turns my stomach to think of the people who died in that attack, who were going about their normal lives, attending a concert, and then suddenly being gunned to death. I hate to think of the pain and grief their … More Paris

Having Children

Miss W was talking to a friend on the phone the other day and I mentioned someone I have known for a very long time, and I said, actually, we’re not so close any more. My friend asked me why, and I responded, actually, because this girl had a baby, and when she had a … More Having Children

Don’t Call Me Baby

So, Miss W spent all day thinking about what she wanted to write… toying with different, obviously super cool ideas. However, the fine young men at my local Tesco’s gave me a reason for my angry little fingers to hit the keyboard. When I was at the checkout with my packet of sad-looking fresh spinach … More Don’t Call Me Baby