I was in India for six weeks  and this incredible country shook me. It taught me multiple lessons, but one of the things that has stayed with me the most so far has been the sense of impermanence in traditional Indian culture.  About 10 days into the trip I headed to an ashram in Tamil … More Impermanence 


One of the things I’ve been thinking about in the last few weeks is how many people’s lives can easily become monotonous and lose excitement and adventure, and one day they wake up and boom, that’s it, they’re old, and their life has passed them by, with a series of grey days each looking like … More Thinking


Hello out there, Miss W has been absent for nearly a month now. While she was away Miss W was busy taking weekend trips to see obscure maps (rest assured it was not Miss W’s idea to trek to Hereford to see the map -thanks husband!) she was almost starting to feel like this might have been … More Barcelona


This Christmas Miss W spent her holiday in France. Miss W’s auntie and uncle live in a small village in Normandy, where they run a B&B in a beautiful small château with stunning gardens. Miss W spent Christmas there and then went on to Paris for a night before going to Strasbourg and Colmar in … More France

Christmas Eve 

Miss W is in Normandy, France for Christmas and after a long drive is relaxing by an open fire just waiting for Santa/Papa Noël to come by tonight. She wishes you all a very peaceful and joyous Christmas wherever you are!   


This past weekend I was in Copenhagen. In November I would generally rather take trips to a sunny clime like Nice in southern France, where I could swim in a warm hotel pool, but I decided to brave the fabled cold of Scandinavia and head off to Denmark. Miss W’s sister went to Copenhagen last … More Copenhagen