Christmas thoughts

Hello readers,  Miss W has been leading a frantic life recently… The details will be revealed in a few days, but in the meantime, she has some thoughts on the festive season.  I was brought up in an evangelical Christian environment, so Christmas was a big deal, on account of it being Jesus’ bday and … More Christmas thoughts

Miss W Writes 

Hello out there If you follow me on Instagram (@iam_miss_w) or Twitter (Iammiss_w) you may know that I have published my first essay with Buzzfeed.  You can read it here.  Now Miss W just needs to sit back and wait for it to go viral… So click away my lovelies! 

In Defence of Smut

As some of you know, I work in the book industry. I am surrounded by the latest books on the market, often proofs before they are published. Back around January/February time, I got my hands on a white proof with a provocative black slit on the cover. The spine said simply Maestra. My boss put … More In Defence of Smut

Apology to Miss W

Lately I haven’t been writing much at all, and Miss W has been feeling a bit abandoned. I’ve been treating her like a lover who stops answering calls when you don’t slot conveniently into his life. I hate that I have become too busy for Miss W, so I would like to apologise to her … More Apology to Miss W


Hello out there, Miss W has been absent for nearly a month now. While she was away Miss W was busy taking weekend trips to see obscure maps (rest assured it was not Miss W’s idea to trek to Hereford to see the map -thanks husband!) she was almost starting to feel like this might have been … More Barcelona


This past weekend I was in Copenhagen. In November I would generally rather take trips to a sunny clime like Nice in southern France, where I could swim in a warm hotel pool, but I decided to brave the fabled cold of Scandinavia and head off to Denmark. Miss W’s sister went to Copenhagen last … More Copenhagen 


Since I moved to the UK when I was 11, every year around the end of October I bought a paper poppy from an ex-serviceman. I always liked the symbolism of wearing a flower to remember those that died in the Great War and subsequent wars. This year was the same, I bought a poppy … More Poppies

Miss W is here

So, this is my Nth attempt at a blog… I have started a few blogs in my time, and always failed to keep them up, but I guess this one is born out of the desire to write about all the things that roam through my over active mind on any given day. I think … More Miss W is here